A Glass of Water to an Alien

“I was completely baffled by this incident. Officers of the Brazilian Air Force were here and withdrew samples of where the object was, and then sent them to the technological institute in São José dos Campos. After a while I noticed that none of the plants got back to life in the location where the strange object landed”, concluded José Maria Cintra.

At dawn on August 25th, 1968 an event occurred sanatorium Serafim Ferreira, Lins (SP), which by their appearance has shaken public opinion widely reported by newspapers and magazines in the country. Four months after the occurrence, ufologists interviewed the main protagonist of the case, Maria José Cintra, at her residence in the town of Caiçara, which is 45 minutes walk from the sanatorium. 

Maria Cintra worked as a servant/janitor at a psychiatric hospital. According to her testimony, at about 5 o’clock in the morning of the 25th she stood up and made her daily prayer when she heard a strange noises similar to “snap n´pops” coming from the outside, in the courtyard of the sanatorium. She opened the window thinking it was a car but instead saw a figure of a woman in front of the door of the sanatorium. 

Maria then told her she was going to open the door, so she went downstairs and to the door. She put on her coat and went downstairs towards the door. As usual, she asked whether it was an in-patient. The strange woman answered in an unknown language, and gave her a 20cm bottle. Maria thought the visitor wanted water and took it to the automatic drinking fountain in another hall. While filling the bottle she noticed in the characteristics of the jar as something she have never seen before. It had a certain unique beauty to that thing. After that, the visitor extended a mug to collect more water. 

While the visitor drank it, Maria Cintra was saying how good that water was, however she had no response or whatsoever from that stranger. The woman seemed interested in two parked cars outside, that were visible through the glass door. Maria noticed the questioning feature and explained that one of the cars belonged to a doctor there and the other to the director.

After that, the two came back the same corridor, arriving in the courtyard she handed the bottle to the visitor which held one hand the attendant and the other friendlies patted the back of Maria while she verbalized the words “embarúra, embaúra, embaúra“. 

When the visitor left Maria was beginning to close the door but stopped when she realized that the visitor went to the opposite direction, to the flowerbeds on the high walled yard with no exit. This path would lead to the high walls of the courtyard. At that moment, a bright diffuse light suddenly appeared, illuminating the region of the beds. Maria soon realized that it was a pear-shaped object hovering within three feet of the ground. 

In one of the portholes of the object, D. Maria saw hands triggering devices in a panel. When the visitor arrived at this, object took off emitting the same noises of “snap n´pops” heard by D. Maria before. She recalls the visitor went inside “easily” into the object and it went up very fast, making the exact same noise she heard outside the window at 5am. At the exact time that happened, a blackout happened in the building. Maria got very scared and closed the door. She was so scared she sweated heavily and urinated herself involuntarily. She screamed but nobody went to help. Thereafter, she closed the door as she was very frightened and sweating a lot, her garments were very wet.

Once the director of the sanatorium woke up, she reported the episode but he did not believe in the story and she felt offended by the reaction of the manager and his wife. 

Maria led them to the location where the object was and the saw the footsteps of the visitor and Maria’s marks inside the sanatorium. Outside of the place, right on the grass, there was a big circular mark with burned vegetation, approximately 2 feet in diameter by 15 feet deep. Agents from the Air Force collected samples of the burnt grass.

Maria described the visitor as a woman, with 1.60 tall, light skin, wearing cape clear, wearing a bright shiny blue cape, with a high neck dress with long sleeves as well, and wearing a kind of cap/beanie made with the same kind of cloth of her dress on her head.

Sources/ Investigator: Thiago Ticchetti – Revista UFO Co-Editor – President of the Brazilian Commission of Ufologists (CBU) – Certified MUFON Field Investigator – MUFON National Director of Brazil – MUFON STAR Team – MUFON ERT – Delegate of the International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER) – CIFE Co-Editor and CIFE Coordinator of Brazil.

Article Revised: Fernanda Pires – Assistant National Director Canada and Brazil – MUFON Experiencer Resource Team ERT – Certified Field Investigator – Moment of Contact Documentary Co-Producer – CIFE Founder Scientific Channel of UFOs Phenomena & Space Research.

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