CIFE International

CIFE Scientific Channel of UFOs Phenomena & Space Research – Canal Informativo de Fontes/Fenômenos Extraterrestres e Espaciais



MUFON – The Mutual UFO Network is a US-based non-profit organization composed of civilian volunteers who study and investigates UFOs and UAPs reports from around the globe.


MUFON France et Belgique

Un important organisme dans l’univers des objets volants non identifiés (ovni). Le MUFON est le plus grand réseau international de recherche et d’enquête ovni de la planète avec des chapitres répartis aux quatre coins du monde.


MUFON Brasil

A MUFON é uma entidade totalmente voluntária e sem fins lucrativos, e a maior e mais antiga organização civil de investigação do fenômeno OVNI.

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LEVIS Radio Station

CJMD96.9 Lévis is a French speaking community Radio Station located in Quebec City, licensed to Lévis. It enables us to talk about our favourite subject which is UFOlogy.
MUFON Canada and France-Belgique work together, and hosts the channel “La Zone Insolite”. MUFON International Francophne is hosted by Eric Tessier and Janny Charrueau. The Live Streaming Show is about several ufological topics. Also, Parent Program “La Zone Parralèle” is hosted by Carole Lauzer and Steve Zuniga.


Shag Harbour UFO

The Shag Harbour UFO XPO is an annual event that brings UFO experts and eyewitnesses together to share their observations and the latest theories and research about unidentified flying objects. The 1967 Shag Harbour Incident is generally regarded as Canada’s most famous and important UFO case.

Site: Shag Harbour UFO


Investigation Professionnelle en Ufologie Civile du Canada.