MUFON Live Video Transcribed To Our Newsletter Vigilant, 2022

December 17th we did a Live video on a UFO documentary called “Moment of Contact” which it’s about Varginha’s Case. Special guests: Fernanda Pires MUFON Field Investigator – the Co-Producer of “Moment of Contact Documentary whom did the transcription to this article. So respectfully to you reader can follow up and understand better what it was spoken in our live video with James Fox  “Moment of Contact Director”; Fernanda Pires MUFON Field Investigator, Moment of Contact Co-Producer and the Main Field Translator; Dave Palachik National Director MUFON Canada; Eric Tessier “ STAR Team – Assistant National Director of MUFON Canada”; Pacaccini “ The Main Investigator of Varginha’s case back 1996” and Kevin Luengo “Field Investigator MUFON Canada”. 

Moment of Contact Documentary is about an alleged 1996 UFO crash in Varginha Brazil. This case was reported seeing strange creatures and a “Unidentified Flying Object” also a UFO crash in the city of Varginha, Brazil. 

Based on this case, investigators gathered up to talk about the rumours of video footage and photo evidence — evidence they say has already been seen by U.S. officials. Where do the rumours come from? Where is the footage? Let’s find it out together. 

Recommended to read the transcriptions while watching the live video for a better understanding about the whole concept. “Some changes might be made on the transcription”.  

Transcription: Good morning everyone, welcome to MUFON Canada Youtube channel. Today we are doing our first live broadcast and we’ve chosen the subject, the Roswell of Brazil, this all based on the documentary from James Fox which we want everybody and we’re encouraging everyone to go watch it, and it’s called ‘Moment of Contact’ we also have a panel of investigators here who are well versed on this Roswell of Brazil, I’m going to keep calling like this and it’s an incredible secret that was kept for many many years and we’re going to be talking about not only the incident itself but we’re going to talk about the documentary that James has produced. We have a special guest who’s really trying to get log in here but he’s having a lot of problems to get in. Pacaccini who was the original investigator and hopefully he can join us and we’ll just keep our fingers crossed. Anyways, my name is Dave Palachik I am the national director of MUFON Canada for those who do not know who MUFON is, MUFON is the world’s largest and oldest investigative body of UFO, UAP’s submerged you name it if it’s got to do with the UFO phenomenon font is on top of it, we have over 600 investigators around the world and MUFON is now 52 years old so when I say it’s the world’s oldest and largest that pretty much well sums it up. 

MUFON is not a government agency, it’s not sponsored by anybody other than private people and in Canada we have about 50 investigators who are highly skilled, trained and we’re joining the three of them today plus James and Pacaccini if he gets on. So at this point I’d like to also let everybody know this is sponsored today by MUFON Canada and CIFE and explain who CIFE is. I’m going to introduce now Fernanda Pires if she would please explain what that information or what that body is CIFE. Thanks Fernanda. There we go, so yes! Thank you very much Dave! CIFE means (Scientific Channel of UFOs Phenomena and Space Research) I am the founder, so we also do field investigations, we produce articles on ufology, astronomy, archaeology subject and CIFE produced our banner. Fantastic! Okay, so thank you Fernanda, please also explain what you do and what you’re part of: I became a MUFON field investigator in 2020, 2021? Dave, 2020. Yeah… holy, wow! I am happy to be part of MUFON, it was a big achievement to be part of MUFON. Thank you glad to have you here next on the ross. I’m going to introduce our assistant national director Eric Tessier if you please just say hello and give a little bit about yourself. Hi, everybody. I am with MUFON since 2016. So it’s a roughly a six year now I’m investigating with MUFON Canada, I’m the Star team in the province of Quebec so if something happened in the province I’m the one that put the boots on the ground and goes right away, I’m part of the ERT team this is the ‘Experiencer Research Team’ that helps contact his connection with the entities with aliens so that’s my job with MUFON Canada. Thank you and next have a special investigator Kevin please introduce yourself. Hello y’all, I’m Kevin Luengo, I’m filed investigator for MUFON since 2020, it’s been two years and I’m part of ERT team to contact and help the witnesses and that’s it. Sorry, my english is not my first language, I’m trying it. Dave: you’re doing very well. Kevin is one of our main field investigators for french-speaking Canadians and he also helps with MUFON France as well as he said he’s part of the ERT team. Next James Fox producer, director of Moment of Contact, introduce yourself please, hello, my name is James Fox and like you just said I’m  the producer and director of Moment of Contact which is largely considered the Roswell of Brazil. This is my sixth film on the topic of UFOs, five and half I was making my second documentary in the late of 90s called ‘Out of the Blue’ when I heard about this case but it was so unbelievable that you could have a crash and reportedly live creatures beings, entities walking through the town and being captured just seemed too out there, so I avoided this case for about 11 years after I heard about it and of course here I am now about 12 years that and you know, we have made a movie on it with the help of Marco, a number of Brazilian people researchers in the field, Fernanda was very very helpful during production in Brazil last year and it’s been out so that’s my story. Dave: thank you, we’re going to ask you a lot of questions and welcome Pacaccini, you’ve successfully joined us! This is fantastic… would you please, well, he’s one of the original investigators back when the incident happened so please, introduce yourself. Good afternoon my friends, here now in Brazil it’s afternoon… Can you hear me? Dave: absolutely, perfect! Pacaccini: ok! I am very happy to be here with all of you, I’m very honoured and thank you for the invitation. I’m Vitório Pacaccini and since 1996 I’ve been involved with this UFO investigation, it was a huge research, I had the chance to speak to James Fox and Fernanda Pires they are not only my colleagues but friends and have explained many details of our research and even before 1996 I was part of this huge UFO field investigation group in Brazil which is CICOANI (Centro de Investiagação Civil de Objetos Aéreos não Identificados – English: Centre for Civil Investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects) was a Brazilian ufology organization, founded by Húlvio Brant Aleixo in 1954. So, I had hundreds of field expeditions before Varginha’s incident. And here I am with you right now, it’s a pleasure. Let’s move on. Dave: Thank you for joining us. I’m so glad you were successful getting in. 

So, I’m going to start this by asking Kevin. He has a couple questions for James, we’re going to start with the documentary itself, so Kevin it’s all yours. Kevin: thank you and congratulations for your movies, it’s very amazing. It’s a fantastic thing and it’s very emotional, I mean, It touched me, Carlos de Souza’s testimony. So, I have one question for James, What was the atmosphere like during the production movie in Varginha? James: I think there’s… you know, it’s almost like an acceptance from what I could see and here as soon as you scratch the surface, it’s met with a high level of curiosity and most residents, as soon as you breach the topic, we’ll say that they, you know, either know someone a friend of a friend or their cousin or a brother or sister or daughter or their father that heard something or saw something. It’s amazing how many people in the town of Varginha have a little piece of the puzzle. 

Fernanda: Yeah, there’s so much to talk about this case. I mean, it’s endless. Yes, Marco, my producing partner, he has been on this case, I think since… Obviously, Pacaccini has been on this case for the longest part and thank God for the work he has done but Marco heard about a doctor who allegedly taken the x-rays through some former students and they had met with Marco and indicated… yeah, this doctor told us one of our classes he was involved and Marco tracked him down and took about eight years to get him to come forward and there’s a little mini story behind every person that we tracked down to get them to ultimately convince them to participate in the film. I think Pacaccini, you had told me because we were threatened to be shot by a gentleman Eric Lopez and Pacaccini, you said that he back in 1996, didn’t want you anywhere near him, is that correct? 


Pacaccini: Yes, that’s correct. You had the chance to be face to face with Eric Lopez. And he was at the night of January 20th with Marco Eli Chereze when he captured one of the creatures and you’ve been face to face with him and you could realize how difficult it is to talk to witnesses especially the military ones, because Eric Lopez was working for the military police at that time. It’s important to explain this to our friends in Canada. By the way, I love Canada. I’ve been in Canada some years ago. I’ve been in Montreal, Quebec ‘quebecois’ and also I’ve been in Toronto and Vancouver, it’s just a wonderful country. I’m counting the time to be back to Canada again. So, the important point is explain to our colleagues in Canada that in Brazil we have two different police, we have ‘Civil police’ and the ‘Military police’ okay, it sounds weird but that’s the way it is and 

one kind of police is independent from each other, Civil police is like the FBI in the United States, just an example, and the Military police is the one when you call 911 for example but in Brazil is 191, they are the first ones to arrive to solve the problem. 

So, Eric Lopez and Marco Eli Chereze used to work for the ‘Military Police’ okay, and James Fox and our friend and colleague Fernanda worked together and they were face to face with Eric Lopez and he refused to speak to them and he also made a death threat saying: ‘if you don’t get out of here I am going to use my gun. I remember in the documentary Fernanda’s face at that moment, because she was in shock and it took her some nearly seconds to inform James what was really going on, because Fernanda was in shock when Eric Lopez had his arm hanging out the house window pretending to be somebody else, and all of the sudden he said: “if you don’t get out of here right now I’m gonna use my gun”, so it took Fernanda some seconds to explain to James and James was there like what? Is he Eric Lopez? What’s going on? What did he say? and suddenly Fernanda translated what he said, you know, let’s get out of here because bullets are going to start flying everywhere. So, you see? James, Fernanda and people of the crew had the chance to realize how difficult it is to actually speak to witnesses and of course, not only with Eric Lopez but other militaries. So, they don’t want to see me, the ones who are not my friends because, of course I could get some friends in the military forces to help me 

and Eric Lopez was not one of them. It was a hard time for James and Fernanda. Fernanda: Yes, everybody ask me this question all the time, you know, like “were you afraid?” but I didn’t have the time to think of anything! I was in the middle of something, trying to talk to James and Romulo at the same time and I was trying to understand what Lopez was saying. I could not understand anything and on top of that Eric was introducing himself as Lopez’s friend. It was very confusing and I wasn’t afraid because I couldn’t understand what was happening and Romulo was also trying to explain something to us and talking to him. Everybody was talking at the same time and suddenly Eric said: I’m Lopez. So, everybody was like, is it Lopez? James was like, Is it Lopez? You know, we could not believe it. So, then Romulo said: no no, let’s go because this is not good . So, we left. So, it took us a couple of minutes to understand what happened. 

James: you know, I remember because I don’t speak Portuguese, I do speak french, so I can pick words out and I had an idea of what was going on but this time in particular, everything as you said was happening so quickly there were three people talking simultaneously and the level of atmosphere was tense very tense and I could see this man’s face and I’d never seen a face like that. It looked like the face of a person who has been burdened with a deep dark secret for decades and you could see it in his face. It was extraordinary and I remember looking into his eyes and I was just thinking, I’ve never seen a face quite like this. It was very very tense and there was a part of me that honestly believes that there’s part of him that wants to tell the truth but he is just holding back and I can’t imagine what the authorities, the militaries must have said to Eric Lopez to keep him in hiding and to keep him quiet for 26 years. 

Rômulo, Fernanda Pires, James Fox and Eric Lopes (the man at the at window)Moment of Contact Footage

Dave: Interesting … wow, let’s jump in here for another couple questions. Eric, who do you have a question for? Yeah, me too. I’d like to congratulate and same as Kevin, I mean, the part of the documentary of Carlos de Souza was the best for me in the movie. So, I watched it with my girlfriend and when he found the right spot on the crash side, and this guy’s emotions was unbelievable. Yesterday, we watched it a bit again and I was talking to Fernanda and I said that watching the Carlos part  for me it’s the best one. You see in his eyes that he had a relief when he found that spot. That was an incredible part of the movie for me. James: well, you know, there has been some controversy around Carlos de Souza and I don’t think that every single researcher out there believes every aspect of what he’s saying but when we were in the field with Carlos and we spent weeks with him, we said: we don’t need a Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio, if this man is lying is because he’s a very very award-winning, you know, an actor. Eric Tessier: yeah, well for me he was very truthful and if he was faking this guy needs an award for sure. James: Yes, exactly. He was the best actor. James: Well, the nicest thing I’ll say, one thing quickly is that when we met with the military X, okay! Military X confirmed for us that the rumours at the base indicate that it all started at Maiolini farm and when Carlos came to Vermont while we were editing the movie I played that section of the interview for him with military X and he cried. 

He said that he’d been waiting 26 years for that validation. Eric Tessier: Yes, a lot of witnesses are like that. They don’t speak and when they start saying something it is a relief for them. It’s a big relief and for him having that for 26 years must have been a burden on him for sure. 

Yes, I can only imagine and Pacaccini disappeared for what? 18 years almost? 

Pacaccini: yes, I had a lot of business to take care of, because my life was completely stopped for over three years in the South of Minas Gerais State, my work and everything else. It was like nothing, okay? I was living on my savings. So, I did a lot of research and at a certain point we had enough information so somebody else could carry on because I couldn’t stay forever running after the witnesses with no work at all. And even my girlfriend at that time, she said: goodbye! I can’t take this anymore. Anyways, let me give you a piece of information since you mentioned military X. So, I wrote my book about the ‘Incident in Varginha – Varginha’s Incident’ in 1996 (Pacaccini talks briefly about his nickname) Continuing… Ok, this is my book (he shows his book ok on the screen) Military X is right here in my book and because I got to know him and that’s me with the military X in 1996 (he shows both of them is his book) and I got all the military witnesses, they all did a step forward to report this case, because of me and I will explain you everything. So, that’s him, right here ( showing in his book) I blurred his face and I’ve been protecting everybody, all my military and civilian witnesses since the very beginning. 

Military X wants to remain unknown Pacaccini Courtesy, 1996.

What is important now just to let you know is that Carlos de Souza was a soldier and he had this important piece of information to add on to our research but he is not the only one. Maiolini farm is not exactly the only place we know, that this spacecraft like this one here that looks like a flying submarine because it has this dome right here (showing on his book) and it’s all metallic but this is not glass but it looks like a submarine and the Maiolini farm is not the only place where this UFO had touched the ground. 

We have other information but also we have something very interesting right here, so Fernanda Pires and James Fox got to know Nyei Nadeia, do you remember? He’s in the documentary and he is from TV Princesa Station. I know and Nyei also knows that there’s a small fragment of that UFO in Varginha, we know where it is and as much as I know where the pictures and videos of these creatures are in Varginha. So, as you know most of the times when people see the militaries performing some sweeping like they did near the Maiolini farm, there’s always somebody sneaking around, even by far distance when the military left the place, some curious people went there to sniff around and could found a small fragment of this UFO, can you imagine? a fragment of a spacecraft from another planet, another system, another galaxy, who knows. So this fragment is in Varginha. So, this gentleman here Nyei from TV Princesa Station knows about it, I know it. There’s 27 years of this research already and this is still there. I’ve been trying to put my hands on this fragment as much as the pictures and videos but it is so difficult. Fernanda and James have been face to face with Eric Lopez and they realized how difficult it is. So, put yourself in my place, in my position. I’ve been asking and asking for almost 27 years. People are still afraid, it’s just amazing and simultaneously looks like a horror movie. 

It’s not comprehensible, how come? After 27 years later civilian people are still afraid but that’s the way it is. So, we send messengers to talk to them because I am not allowed to look for them anymore, they don’t  want me to call them and of course I’ve been monitored. My phone, my email and I cannot call anyone and talk to anyone on the phone. So, I sent people as messengers. They don’t want to see any of my messages anymore. They say, please don’t even come to my street, don’t look for me, my work or my place. Just leave me alone. My father doesn’t want to be part of it, my mother, my brother, my uncles and that’s the answer I get. So, Carlos de Souza gave me his testimony and it’s very imprenssive. And possibily, a little fragment of Maiolini farm, because I didn’t have the chance to put my hands on this fragment and take it to the university. I have access to universities in Brazil and abroad where I can test this little fragment and I’m almost sure that this fragment is really part of the spacecraft and I can’t do anything because they don’t let me do anything and even the pictures and videos inside Varginha, it’s like a big puzzle, and this is not in one place only. It’s spread out in Varginha because the creature had been in two hospitals, Hospital Regional and Humanitas and of course people took pictures and filmed these creatures. 

So, can you imagine? Put yourself once again at my place, I mean, put yourself in my position, knowing about all of this and being able to grab this evidence and bring it to the public. So this is part of the research that I wanted to share with you. 

Dave: James did you find the same when you were out there interviewing people during the documentary that Pacaccini found but of course big time change. What did you find? James: I can tell you that we came about as close to some evidence as anyone’s ever gotten but unfortunately one or two days prior to this meeting the military base ESA started calling the people that we had just met with or the people we were about to meet with and terrified them. Dave: so, that’s still going on? James: That’s how close we got. It’s almost like they knew our movements, they were listening to us, monitoring us and as soon as we reach out to those people, the military base called them to remind them, you know and it was a kind of spooky this stuff, the messages they relayed was like: hey, are you living in this address? How is the family? you know, these types of things, not like, hey! if you talk I will kill you. So, it was more like spooky. Dave: Yes, like intimidation by knowing where they are and they could be reached. James: Yes, just like, we’re watching you, we’re listening to you, we’re monitoring you. Dave: Hey, guys this is the ‘Men in Black’ scenario. James: Well, these guys were at the military base as of why we were told us. James: I mean, to say it’s frustrating would be probably the world’s biggest understatement but you can’t give up trying just because it’s incredibly difficult. Pacaccini you had the opportunity in 2012 to see 36 seconds of film footage of one of the live entities. Can you talk about that? Pacaccini: okay! This good friend of mine helped me, because even before starting the investigation in Varginha I made some phone calls, because at the time I was living and working in Belo Horizonte, it’s the capital of Minas Gerais State. It’s quite a big state. Minas Gerais is bigger than France. So, I was in Belo Horizonte in the capital and even from Belo Horizonte I made some phone calls to contacting friends that I have for a long time, friends since I was a child, because I spent part of my childhood in Três Corações City (Three Hearts City) where the famous soccer player, the king of soccer player Pelé was born. He is the athlete of this century. My father and mother were doctors and they were working there at that time, since I was a child. So, I made lots of friends and 1996 some of my friends were working for ESA (Escola de Sargento das Armas – The Brazilian Army Combatant NCO Academy (ESA) is a Higher Education Establishment of the Brazilian Army, responsible for training the Combatant NCO’s of the Brazilian Army: Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps.

The Army school it’s a huge place, they have more than five thousand militaries inside that battalion. So, some of my friends were in the military at that time. 

And, let me tell you that some officers helped me, I asked my friends for help and that’s why I have access to a lot of military information ‘secret infomation’, and this was since 1996. I had secret information. But in 2020, 2012, one of these good friends of mine sent me a message to meet them and to say that they got a video and they were not allowed to give me that video. It’s a 35 seconds video, so he asked me: would you like to watch it? yes or no. And I said, yes, of course. 

So, we had this agenda, a specific place and time. I went to this place and right there he opened his notebook and the creature was in a place very much like this (showing Roberto Munhoz drawing). The place was not a hospital, it looked more like an office, and some military facility… You see, there’s an apple and they are holding the creature very carefully because it was very weak and to me, it was about to die but it was still alive and while they were holding the creature, they tried to make it  be stand up but it couldn’t stand up because it was too weak. And you could see this little luminescent eyes that was activated and it had some little light coming out from its eyes. So, they tried to give a piece of fruit like an apple, I also recognized a piece of banana and this piece of a green leaf like a lettuce and finally at last, they tried to give it some water. The creature didn’t accept any of it. So, to me this place was inside of ESA, before they took the creature to UNICAMP University, Campinas city, state of São Paulo. It was inside of UNICAMP because this creature could barely stand up and to me, it was about to die. So, it was not an authorized operation and some militaries knew that this creature was going to disappear. It was going to the United States as it went. 

Visual Simulation of the creature. Image: Vitório Pacaccini and Roberto Munhoz Projeto 93.

So, they organized all these actions, non-unauthorized action and they filmed this creature and I had access to 35 seconds which is exactly the video I saw in 2012. (Pacaccini shows a simulation video through his phone which is available in this article). It was amazing! It was worth it, because of my whole research I did, if I can put it this way. 

Dave: It’s fascinating! I got a question for the whole panel, does anybody have any knowledge that the US military also was involved in this at the time of the incident? Were they invited down or did they participate in the background? Anybody have this answer? 

James: I can answer but Pacaccini I’d like if you can answer first and then I’ll add it. Pacaccini: okay. My friends and colleagues, the American Government is involved. There’s a gnats in this operation because Brazil and the United States have been working together on this UFO issue for decades. So, we have lots of evidence of that and the American government and Americans military informed the Brazilian Air Force that this object was coming down on that area. So, they intercepted this object but this flying object “a submarine shape” which these creatures were set loose, in the city of Varginha, the South of Minas Gerais States. So, it was the American Military who alerted the Brazilian Air Force.  Suddenly, the Brazilian radar captured it when it was coming down. You know, they coordinated and they knew the longitude, latitude where it was going towards the South of Minas Gerais. 

So, who took care of the whole situation was ESA. It was under the power of the military major. ESA is the (Escola de Sargento das Armas – The Brazilian Army  Combatant NCO Academy). They have the best tanks and Sergeant school in the whole South of America. It’s huge and besides that I got information directly from military friends who had informed me but the Americans military were seeing inside ESA and because there were helicopters landing and taking off, we had witnesses who saw Americans embarking from these helicopters and they were working together. Finally the Brazilians military hand it over for the Americans Military at the Airport Viracopos in Campinas city, the state of São Paulo. 

They handed it over to the Americans military and they took it away from Brazil. So, we know definitely the American Military were involved and they worked together as also they even invaded the Brazilian Airspace to intercept this UFO. 

Dave: Wow, thank you! James, did you find the same thing or did you find any proof because I can’t find any documents anywhere in the US governments regarding this. James: Well, what I found was that every military person that we met with all said with a hundred percent certainty that the Americans came in and then while we were in Brazil a video of a… I guess it was a podcast of sorts, one of the flight controlled Brazilian flight control officers who confirmed that the United States Air Force plane came in on or around the 20th or the 21st of January 1996 and landed in Campinas without the authorization of the Brazilian government. Dave: Wow, all right! Thanks guys that I’m asking that question because we’re getting people asking on the chat and now they’re saying well, of course Americans are helping to cover the whole thing up. So, let’s go down another different path. Kevin you have a couple more questions, let’s go to another subject that we want to approach and see what information we can get. 

Go ahead Kevin! Yes, did you have any difficulty getting in touch with the Mayor of Varginha or did he agree with it the right way? James: So, Marco and some of his associates managed to get the mayor to agree to an interview but had no idea what mayor Verdi was going to say until we got there. We were in the dark about whether be believed the incident happened or didn’t happen and for our amazement was that the Mayor Verdi, who is the sitting mayor who is not former, he is the current mayor believed based on the eyewitnesses testimony that he heard for decades that UFO crashed and live aliens were captured and he admitted all that on camera. Dave: The rest of the history you have to watch the video, the documentary. Thanks. Let’s not give away too much. 

Eric I know you got a couple interesting questions, let’s jump over you for a minute. Eric: I’m going just a little bit outside of the movie. How did you start doing movies about UFOs? Dave: Good question. James: How much time do we have? (laughing) Dave: By the way guys, we have 15-20 minutes left. So, you got 30 seconds (laughing) James: I had a friend that I went to high school with and this is one of them but this is a very influential aspect of what drove me to do this. I had a friend of mine back in probably 92-93 and he started telling me about UFO crash in Roswell New Mexico in 1947 and I started thinking that my friend had sort of lost his mind and I guess some of this information was coming out in the early 90s and so I went to a very dear friend of mine someone that I was working in video production with, in California, someone who I looked up too, and I said of you know, I mentioned casually that a very good high school friend of mine and had believed that applying saucer crashed in New Mexico in 1947 and I just said you know, it’s unfortunate but I’m gonna have to probably terminate my friendship because he’s lost his marbles and then he said, this guy Richard Vincent, you didn’t hear about that? you know about Roswell supposed and I said well you know, how am I to know about Roswell and so that kind of I thought well, this is someone I truly respect and looked up to. So, I started looking into this story. I went to a few conferences, I met a few military guys and I decided to make a documentary about the phenomenon. Thinking that I was gonna just learn that we had periodic visitation and for whatever reasons the governments are covering this up and then I would move on to other things and then here I am almost 30 years later, six films, five and half films and I feel like I’m no closer to the truth today than I was before, man! Dave: James we all feel the same way, all of us investigators and all the cover-up that’s happening and although it’s slowly you know like there’s been a lot of changes in the UFO phenomena I mean, them releasing Tic Tac goes fast and Gimbal and all that at least they’re starting to test the waters and of course the documentary two years ago where they admitted they have a craft not from this Earth in their possession, don’t know what craft, don’t know where but that made New York Times… you know in the 50s when started to talk about Roswell, so no! It’s been world panic, so anyways, I’m going to jump over Fernanda right now. I know she’s got a couple things on her mind so go ahead. Fernanda: So, yes. I’d like to ask Pacaccini! So, you saw the 35 seconds video right? Pacaccini: right. Fernanda: There’re some more videos like 30 minutes video, 12 minutes video and not just in Varginha but also some in Rio de Janeiro and some in other places, is that correct? Pacaccini: Well, we know that some pictures and videos went to other places, to other cities because people were scared to keep it in the South of Minas Gerais state. So, they are not only from Regional Hospital, Humanitas hospital and Campina’s university (UNICAMP), state of São Paulo. There are pictures and videos taken from other places and when people got scared they sent some copies or even the original to some other places. Because they were afraid, the military was invading their homes, their work places to confiscate this material and you know, it opened a court to process against these people, so it was kind of spread out at the time and it is even today. So, it’s not only this 35 seconds video that I had the chance to watch, I watched it five times and I’m telling you this is definitely not from this planet, definitely not. 

Visual Simulation Video of the creature. Image: Vitório Pacaccini and Roberto Munhoz Projeto 93.

If someone can prove the opposite, I’m here to listen to anyone but it’s definitely not from our planet, definitely not. James: Pacaccini, did you have the impression that your friend intended in the future to release the footage that he has of the creature? Fernanda: Yes, this was my next question. Pacaccini: Okay. Excellent question Fernanda! Excellent question everybody. He didn’t want to be part of this and today he has a lot of weight on his shoulders and his family. He has his whole career to take care of and he told me that I’m not going to keep this video. I don’t even want a copy of it. So, it returned the video to the other ones who effectively shot it. He told me in Minas Gerais with this mineiro accent that “I don’t want to keep it with me, I’m showing you as a friend and my mission is completed. I helped you in 1996 with a lot of information.” And that’s right. 

He really did and now years later he said “I am giving you the chance to watch what you have been looking for. So, my mission is completed and I don’t want to have a copy of this. I will return this material to the military people. I know who they are. So, they will decide in the future if they want to bring it to the public or not. So, we will carry on with our lives. You, be happy. Don’t look for me. Don’t call me and if we need to have another meeting I’ll personally send you a message as I did this time.”

And I respect this a lot. I know people can get in trouble, I’ve been in trouble myself. I was invited and had an interrogation at ESA for four hours. An interrogation because they wanted to know who was helping me and they said that they could put them in jail for that reason. Because, in my book when I sat down to be interrogated inside ESA, there was a colonel in 1996 and my book has all these yellow pages markers in so many places… so for four hours he was mentioning this point in my book that a convoy went to Varginha hospital. This colonel asked me, “Who told you that? How do you know the creature was there in this box?” You know, everything I said and my lawyer was right beside me and he said that I had to be silent and I’m not gonna give you this information or any other but he insisted, he asked me many times a lot of questions. I didn’t answer anything. So, there are a lot of people in the military but I’m civilian. So, a lot of people in the military services know if they are invited for a military inquiry, they know they are in trouble, a lot of trouble. So, we don’t have any ways to confirm that the military sources will bring this evidence one day to the public and I hope so. But, there’s nothing else I can do. 

Dave: Now we are waiting for this disclosure. Pacaccini: Well, I hope. Dave: I hope too. I’m gonna move on, we got time for a couple more questions from our panel and stuff, so I’m gonna invite Kevin to ask another question to the group. We have ten minutes left. Kevin: The mother of the witnesses was intimidated by two non-Brazilian men who vanished when she was threatened and to call the police. Do you think there could be ‘Men in Black’? Pacaccini or James. Dave: James, you were part of the documentary, can you answer? 

James: sure. So, I have dating back to my first production back in the mid 90s and I heard these elusive characters from some unknown government agency in dark suits but it sounded so outrageous, it sounded so cliche, you know? I don’t know, I just avoided the on-camera testimony that I’ve gotten for decades but when I got to Brazil and I met with Luiza the mother of the two girls Valkíria and Liliane and obviously there was Kátia as well and I believed her, I just believed her but I’d heard it enough times where I thought okay well, I’m not going to avoid it, I’m not going to delete this aspect of the story from the film, screw it and I might get laughed at but I’m going to leave it in and left her testimony in about these “Men in Black’ characters and I left. And Carlos de Souza’s story about it. Pacaccini: James you are absolutely right because my friends Kevin, Eric, Fernanda and Dave, listen, the day after this visit there were three very strange looking guys and they were not Brazilian and very white and very tall. 

Pacaccini’s Book Cover – Varginha Incident, 1996.

Two of them had this red hair and it was the three of them but only one spoke that night and they visited Luiza at her home and Liliane and Valikíria were there too. Kátia is a friend, she used to live in another place which was her house. So, the day after I went there I got to know the whole story. I went to a press conference and took them with me so they kept telling the story about what had just happened on camera at this press conference. So, I believe Luiza and the girls. These guys came out of the blue, very strange people. Only one was lost and two were quiet but they definitely are not Brazilians, the one who talked in Portuguese had a weird accent and they offered a lot of money for them to be quiet and to go to someplace to record a video denying everything. So for me, James and Fernanda know and I understand that some secret agency not exactly a government but a government agency that we call ‘Men in Black’ and when they tried to bribe them and put a silence in the whole story but they didn’t succeed and I’m very proud of Luiza, Liliane, Kátia and Valkíria.  

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