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National Membership


MUFON Canada membership: It costs 25$ (CAD) annually to be member of MUFON Canada and get the membership card. This card give you access to the members page, where you can find our newsletters exclusive to members and interviews before it release to general public , allows you to participate in MUFON Canada free activities and to get discounts for other activities organized by MUFON Canada that requires entrance fees. This membership is also necessary to become a field investigator. 


MUFON International Member: For a person wishing to become a field investigator, it is necessary to pay the annual membership fees of 59.88$ (USD) to MUFON International, in addition to MUFON Canada membership. This membership allows to be integrated into the CMS international database as a field investigator after passing the test of the Field Investigator’s Manual. This International Membership also allows you to receive the MUFON Journal in electronic version every month and get discount for the subscription of the International MUFON Symposium in United States.

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