Eric Tessier – S.T.A.R Team / National MUFON Canada Director – Certified Field Investigator

I have been always fascinated by the sky, since I was a child. I always wanted to know everything about UFOs, Stars and beyond. As time went by, my interest in ufology got stronger. A few years later around 2013 – 2014, I started to invest in equipment for sky watching, and later after do investigations on my own. In October 2015, I went to a MUFON conference event where I got even more interested in learning about UFOs, UAPs and related subjects. In January 2016, I became a Field Investigator, and not long after S.T.A.R Team, also Provincial Director of Quebec, Assistant National Director and presently I am the National Director of MUFON Canada. In this context, I cannot forbear to mention how grateful I am for having the opportunity to lead a great MUFON Team and Host a Radio Show where we talk about UFOs and UAPs “Zone Insolite” https://1drv.ms/x/s!ArHxyYlmDhsTgzC14J0Ar5yNLlM2?e=2vmcdZ

Moreover, I strongly invite you to become MUFON Member and a Field Investigator. We have a qualified Team that will assist you. Please, click “BECOME A FIELD INVESTIGATOR AND BECOME A MEMBER” in the link above and will get in contact.

Fernanda Pires – MUFON Assistant National Director Canada & Brazil – MUFON Experiencer Resource Team ERT – Certified Field Investigator – Executive Director of MUFON Canada Newsletter and Articles

Fernanda Pires is the Founder and President of CIFE (Scientific Channel of UFO’s Phenomena & Space Research – Portuguese: Canal Informativo de Fontes/Fenômenos Extraterrestres e Espaciais) www.cife.ca – Articles Writer, Speaker, Ufologist, Entrepreneur, MUFON Assistant National Director Canada & Brazil, MUFON Experiencer Resource Team ERT, Certified Field Investigator, GARPAN Investigator – Investigation Professionnelle en Ufologie Civile, Co-Producer of the Documentary “Moment of Contact” Varginha’s Case – The Roswell of Brazil with James Fox, Associate Director of the book “Varginha Incident” jointly with Pacaccini The Main Investigator of Varginha’s case 1996 – The Book will be publish in North America (Canada and the United States) and also in several other countries.

The ufology research and alien abduction investigation has been one of her greatest purposes up to now. She started doing ufo research in her early 17 years old when had a deep desire to understand the reason “why” of our existence. She used to have strange dreams about herself flying in the air, seeing spaceships, stranger creatures way before she could even begin to understand about UFOs, thence developed a desire to learn other languages, signals, codes and years later she developed telekinesis. Consequently, a paranormal doctor studied her abilities at the time. 

Based on this and many more reasons, she started doing abduction investigations cases in Brazil and Canada. Likewise, Fernanda have investigated an abduction case that was published on “Jornal Le Montreal”, also published on a Civil UFO Investigation website.

Furthermore, MUFON’s purpose is to scientifically study the UFOs phenomena for the benefit of humanity and as a ufologist I have the same goals, also being part of this Sharp Team is a great achievement. In addition to everything, I must mention that I am very grateful to be the Website builder of MUFON Canada and also in charge to the articles and the Journal, she said to MUFON Newsletter“. 

Late of 2021, Fernanda Pires was invited to be part of a UFO Documentary in which she became the Co-Producer directed by James Fox. This Documentary is about an alleged 1996 UFO crash in Varginha Brazil – The Roswell of Brazil. The case is reported seeing more than 1 strange creatures and a UFO crash. 

We did an interview with the 3 girls that had a close encounter with a being described as about 4 feet tall, with brown oily skin, a large head and huge red eyes. They ran away after they saw the creature and one of the girls’ mothers immediately went back to the spot of the sighting, saw foot prints, and had a strong smell of rotten egg and ammonia in the air. One of the creature was supposedly taken to the hospital Regional before being transferred to the larger Humanitas hospital. Then, it was taken for an autopsy to the University of Campinas. Reportedly, two others were taken to the University of São Paulo for examination and after to the USA.”

As ufologists, it is our role to put our questions and our knowledge to use and apply them to ufology research. Based on direct observations, in the presence of evidence, and on the nature of the facts presented, we can ascertain the veracity of the stories reported. We must reconcile science with consciousness to better understand the mysteries of our existence, our planet and what exists beyond it. Perhaps, we, human beings, could actually be inching towards the unification of the whole, meaning that all scientific research and other areas of studies, working jointly, will be able to reach the long-awaited answer, in the manner of a puzzle coming together. We are all together on this tireless journey of knowledge in search of truth and evolution.” Also, based on my investigations, the number of reported alien abductions has risen, and they have been living among humans since the beginning of creation. Ufology is in absolutely everything. It’s in our DNA. Studying ufology, astronomy and archaeology is to discover human existence itself, Fernanda Pires”

Kurtis Blacq – Chief National Case Analyst – Certified Field Investigator

“I feel very fortunate to be on the MUFON Canada Team. I have been fascinated with all things UAP related for well over a decade. In that time I’ve read more books related to the subject than I care to admit and listen to whatever interviews I can get my hands on! Some of my favourite investigators are Jacques Vallée, John Mack, & Richard Dolan.

I decided to become an Investigator because it’s at the intersection of many different areas of interest of mine. This includes the phenomena itself and its implications for humanity, my career experience that requires educating and earning trust with many different types of personalities, being detailed oriented examining data objectively, and most importantly, being part of a grass roots movement to help educate the public and shed light on this subject. 

I live west of Toronto and work for a financial software company as a Revenue Enablement Manager. I love going back-country camping and producing music in my free time

Keven Luengo – MUFON Experiencer Research Team ERT – Cag International – Certified Field Investigator

Kevin Luengo, a former Military and Police Officer in France, witnessed a triangular-shaped UFO at the age of 3 when he was at his mother’s company during the wave of UFOs in France on November 5th, 1990.

Subsequently, this experience gave him the desire and motivation to unravel the mystery of the “Unidentified Aerospace Phenomenon” therefore, he became a Field Investigator. Currently, he is part of the Experiencer Resource Team (ERT) which provides listening, help and support on the subject of the Contacts and Abductions Phenomena (Experiencers).

Linda Rafuse – Chief Investigator, Eastern RegionCertified Field Investigator

Linda Rafuse, a seasoned Investigator with an insatiable curiosity for the unknown has called southwest Nova Scotia home for 50 plus years.

From a young age, having her own experience with two UAPs, Linda’s fascination in ufology and the mysteries of the universe set her on a conventional path of learning.

She has worked in the museum field for 35 years, currently managing a year-round county museum along with a seasonal Nova Scotia Museum site.  Linda will officially retire December 31, 2023, and will have far more time to explore the realms of ufology and her MUFON volunteer work.

Warren Westall – CD MUFON Certified Field Investigator / Mr. Westall also represent MUFON Canada in over 1000 communities as (NAPS, CE-5 Alberta, etc)

I have been interested in the UFO phenomenon since I was about 5 – 6 years old. This is from what my parents have told me. Apparently one day I just started talking about UFOs, ETs and other planets outside of our solar system. A funny thing happened on April 4, 1966 in a town of Australia called Westall, where there was a mass sighting at a school with over 200 students and staff witnessing a UFO. This was the time when I started talking about the UFO’s stuff.
“Warren would be the 1st one in”. As a teen I continued investigating and reading about UFOs while I lived in Barbados from 73 to 78 (lots of possible sightings). I lived there due to the fact that my father worked for CIDA (External Affairs), as the Chief Development Officer for the West Indies as well as heading the West Indies section of the World Bank. From then on, I have only continued reading and investigating UFOs on my own up until 2016, after all I joined MUFON and became a Field investigator. I have investigated a number sightings as well as helped with the search joinly with others MUFON Canada FI and representing MUFON Canada in over 1000 communities as (NAPS, CE-5 Alberta, etc)

I have done many different things in my life but the best thing I did was marry my wife of 36 yrs this year. I also have two amazing kids Chelsea and Chrissy and 1 Grandchild born in the mists of my last Taliban encounter in 07. They were all safe at home here in Deep River. I was Posted in 01 to CFB Petawawa which was home until my discharge 2010 due to my injuries. My work and training as a EOR Tech (Electronic-Optronic Tech) with RCEME branch with the Canadian Armed
Forces gave me a leg up on understanding optical, electronic and electrical phenomena. Due to my injuries suffered during my deployment in Afghanistan (07) with the Canadian Armed Forces, my ability to investigate UFO in the field is limited, I instead research and in some cases I have assisted people making a report when they may have issues with forms. This generally applies to older members who have a hard time with today’s technology and want to get their story told before they die. 

I am also involved in the MADAR Project; this is a project that have distributed detectors or what is called data probes to people interested in helping them out. The individuals involved are required to buy their probe which they will keep in their house hooked up or to some other locale where they are interested in picking up data. There are approximately 200 to 250 detectors distributed throughout Canada and the United States. They help determine whether or not the Earth’s magnetic field has been disturbed, as well as other scientific data, which is believed to occur when UFOs pass overhead. The MADAR Project works in partnership with MUFON, they have been used in cases to help prove something happened which disturbed the detectors. I will be researching and investigating and pushing for full disclosure from our government and governments worldwide until I am no longer here anymore.

Jason Wilde – Certified Field Investigator

With a deep passion for the great outdoors and an exceptional eye for capturing its beauty, Jason Wilde stands out as a distinguished photographer whose work has graced both national and international platforms. His portfolio, a testament to his skill and dedication, can be explored at Jason Wilde Photography. www.jasonwildephotography.com

Since 1986, Jason has been more than just an observer of the world around him; he’s an experiencer with a compelling story that has captivated many. Those interested in delving deeper into his personal journey can find it recounted in detail here. https://youtu.be/6GuShglGp9k

Beyond his photographic endeavors, Jason brings a unique set of skills to the table. As a certified hypnotherapist, he specializes in regression therapy, offering invaluable support to other experiencers. His expertise is occasionally sought after for special teams, underscoring his multifaceted talents and dedication to his craft and community.

Chad Wanless –  Experiencer Research Team ERT – Certified Field Investigator

Chad Wanless is a mechanical designer who graduated from British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and attended classes at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, who identifies as an experiencer of the UFO abduction phenomenon and has been involved in various levels of research in pursuit of the answer to the question, “Are we alone?” Certainly, we are not. 

Through his ufology journey, Chad Wanless became MUFON Field Investigator and wrote a book called “Missing Time too: An ordinary man’s extraordinary journey”. A UFO book that explores the subject of alien abductions. As an abductee himself, Mr. Wanless recounts his experiences throughout his life and shares how he became aware of his abductions. He also describes how he recovered the memories of his abductions through conscious recall, hypnosis and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

The book heavily uses CGI illustrations based on and created by Mr. Wanless to bring his experiences to life. Through his vivid storytelling, readers will gain insight into the tremendous impact that these abductions had on the lives of experiencers like himself, and how they impact people emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Overall, “Missing Time Too” provides a firsthand account of the mysterious and often unsettling phenomenon of alien abductions. It is a compelling read for anyone interested in UFOs, extraterrestrial life, and the experiences of those who claim to have been taken by beings from other worlds.  His extraordinary book and that will be available soon on Amazon.com, for more information, go to: https://true-experiences.ca/

Rick Cameron – Certified Field Investigator

Rick Cameron grew up in small town Southwestern Ontario and joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Radio Operator at the age of 17. He served for 23 years with operational deployments to Germany, Syria and Rwanda. Upon his retirement with the rank of Warrant Officer from the Forces, he drove throughout Canada and the United States as a long-haul Truck Driver for the next nine years.
Upon his complete retirement (2013), Rick became involved in Veteran advocacy. Fighting for proper veteran care, recognition, and compensation through briefings to Members of Parliament, news media outlets and the general population.
Rick has had two Close Encounters experiences (CE 1-Sightings), one at the age of six or seven (1967, 68), and another in 2002. These have generated a keen interest in the Field of UFO’s and a thirst for knowledge of the unknown.
Joining MUFON and becoming a Field Investigator with like minded people in the search for answers was a natural progression for Rick.

Celine Lachance – Certified Field Investigator – French Translator to MUFON Canada Newsletter

Celine Lachance has been doing research for many years to find the answers about Extraterrestrial Life. Consequently, became MUFON Field Investigator.

Mrs. Lachance always heard stories about UFOs and disclosures but she still wonders if all the stories were true. Mrs. Lachance always had a deep desire to see real pictures of aliens and anything out there.  She keeps researching, studying it and doing lots of investigations on the UFOs, UAPs subject and also, everytime she thinks of quitting this path, something unexplainable brings her back to this journey. Although, she still ponders the question: “What is out there?”.  

Shannon Wing – Certified Field Investigator

“I initially joined MUFON Canada out of a personal curiosity. My fascination with the strange and unusual started in childhood watching sci-fi television shows with my parents and flipping through the pages of the National Enquirer. Stories about UFO’s, extra terrestrials, and crop circles have always been a part of my life, and now in the field investigator capacity, I can actively pursue the mystery of “what’s out there”.

In the year 2021, I left a 20-year career behind to pursue other interests. Currently, I investigate MUFON sighting reports of unknown Aerial Objects / Phenomena. My primary interest is working more with experiencers who have seen / report contact with non-terrestrial beings, and I hope to have that opportunity in the future.

Dave Burton – Certified Field Investigator

Dave has had a personal interest in this field for most of his life. In 2008, he had a personal experience of his own that would not only change his perspective on this topic, but intensify his interest. Dave joined MUFON Canada in 2020 and shortly after, he successfully completed the requirements for becoming a Field Investigator, conducting several investigations to date.

After more than 30 years of service, Dave retired from his law enforcement career where he became an expert in digital forensics. The skills he acquired during that time, combined with decades of investigative experience, have been an asset to his investigations with MUFON.

Dave is a seeker of the truth and is guided by evidence and facts. He looks forward to his continuing work with MUFON and supporting this outstanding organization.

Mark Hauck – Certified Field Investigator

I have had a long interest in the studies of UFOs/UAPs. While studying in university, I took several astronomy courses that literally opened my eyes to the stars and the huge complexities of our universe. From these experiences, it became obvious to me that humanity is not alone in the universe. I have long held the view that there needs to be a serious scientific study of the UAP phenomenon. That is where my interest in MUFON started. Consequently, I have now been a Field Investigator for three years, having worked on over 100 cases. Besides, I am a high school teacher. I hold a BA and BEd degrees from the University of Toronto and an MA from McMaster University. 

André Morin – National Director Emeritus – Certified Field Investigator

My name is André Morin. I was born in Montreal, Quebec and have lived here all my life.  However, I have traveled in parts of Quebec and  Ontario as well as in the United States such as New York City, Vermont, Chicago and Florida.  After graduating from high school, I completed two years of CEGEP and also graduated from two correspondence courses in electronics.  Therefore I successfully passed the examination to become an amateur radio operator.  During 2008 I also successfully passed the MUFON field investigator test on my first attempt.

I was married and my wife died many years later.  She died because of complications due to severe diabetes. Mostly I have worked full-time as a mail room clerk.  I also have experience in filing in an office, recruiting, canvassing and sales. Moreover I also worked as a messenger. Throughout all these years, I did part-time volunteer work as a tutor. I tutored arithmetic, algebra, geometry, functions, calculus, physics, chemistry, electronics, French and English. 

I retired about five years ago. I never saw a UFO, but both my father and my mother saw a UFO.  They told me about it.  That is the reason why I became interested in UFOs when I first was seven years old.  It has been a long and interesting  winding road.  As the years passed, I continued to watch documentaries on television and read magazines and books concerning UFOs.  I joined a small group called the Montreal UFO Study Group.  During 1991, I joined another UFO group in Montreal loosely associated with MUFON. During 2008, I became a member of MUFON International. Soon after, I  successfully passed the field investigator test and completed a fair number of cases.  Later I was promoted to National Director of MUFON Canada. After about five years, I became National Director Emeritus and it’s a great pleasure to keep encouraging people to become members of MUFON and see them all successfully passing the FI examination test. Moreover, I will keep on doing it for myself, MUFON Canada Team, also MUFON worldwide.