MUFON Canada is a non-profit organization composed of civilian volunteers who study reported UFO sightings. Canada has ten (10) provinces and (3) three territories and Canada is the second largest country with 9,984,670 km2 or 3,855,100 mi2 with a near population of 39 millions.

MUFON Canada have members all over Canada with chapters and representatives in all the provinces and territories. Henry McKay was the first National Director of MUFON Canada. He began investigating reports of UFOs while he was in the Air Force. He gave a briefing at a hearing to the “Royal Commission of Electric Power Planning” in regards to UFO related power disturbances. He was on the board of directors for the “North American UFO Federation” (headed by NASA scientist Dr.Richard Haines), and he was an associate of CUFOS (headed by Dr. J. Allen Hynek). He also investigated for NICAP (headed by Major. Donald Keyhoe of the U.S. Marines).

Needless to say, Henry McKay was a wealth of information regarding UFOs. People came by the hundreds to hear his lectures. The Toronto Star newspaper called him the “Mr.Big in Canadian ufology” and “the foremost Canadian in tracking down visitors from outer space”. He was interviewed in countless newspapers, magazines, radio shows and television broadcasts. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, he also taught the first UFO course ever held in Canada. Reputable, McKay was an internationally renowned UFOlogist from 1965 until his death in 2007 at the age of 80. Thereafter, about a year after, André Morin became MUFON Canada National Director jointly with two Field Investigators and about thirty members. At that time, there were about a dozen cases per month and over the years, the number of cases has increased. MUFON Field Investigators, associated Members – The membership nearly doubled with their work.

In 2013, Stu Bundy became the next National Director, and with Dave Palachik’s help, they went from a handful of FI’s to over 25 investigators across the country. David Palachik became the Ontario Provincial Director and CI for Ontario, then two years later David Palachik was promoted as the National CI and was in charge of the FI’s training.

MUFON Canada also took part in the Alien Cosmic Expo from 2014 to 1019. The first 3 were in Brantford and the last 3 were in Toronto.

In 2015 Marc St.Germain was promoted to Provincial Director and 4 years after to National Director when Stu Bundy decided to step down. Marc ran Mufon Canada for about 9 months when he resign from his position in January 2020, and asked David Palachik to take over. When Marc left his position,he grew the team to nearly 50 investigators across Canada. David started as the National Director on January 2 , 2020, until he asked Eric Tessier to take over in 2023, who is currently Mufon Canada National Director.

In 2020, MUFON Canada had to work in a new format due to the size of our territory. We started with Western Region, Central Region and then Eastern Region. Each region was assigned a regional Chief Investigator and we also elected to have a National Chief Investigator. As we grew in population we separated the Central region into Ontario region and Quebec Region, each with their own Chief InvestigatorsI. The regional CIs took the responsibilities of both a State Director and its Chief Investigator. Nevertheless, with SARS-CoV-2 the team had major loss in quantity of investigators for medical reason or personal, consequently MUFON Canada nearly loss half of the team, based on this reason we have a National Director, an Assistant National Director and a National Chief of Investigation for the whole country. However, we kept doing our work in order to achieve our goals and overcome past matters. MUFON Canada had more changes over the years, which is always renewing itself. We are constantly refreshing and enhancing our work methods for everyone’s interest.

Moreover, every day more people have become more aware about the phenomenon of UAPs, UFOs and they ought to know more and more about it.

We work together as a team to help each other make successful improvements, recognizing that humanity and respecting each other’s work are the most important values. The stated mission of MUFON is the study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity through investigations, research, education and everyone on the team has partnerships that encourage their strengths development. We gladly and strongly invite you to become part of our Team with MUFON Canada or anywhere else in your country.

MUFON Canada is leading the charge to solve the UFO mystery once and for all and you are invited to join us on this great journey as both a member and active participant. JOIN NOW!

I would like to thank all those who helped me to write the Story of MUFON Canada. Thanks to the Emeritus MUFON Directors André Morin, Stu Bundy, David Palachik and the presently National Director Eric Tessier. I am sincerely grateful for this sharp team, thank you. Assistant National Director Fernanda Pires