Congressional Hearings and David Grusch resurfaces – A Peculiar Week in Ufology

By Bob Spearing, MUFON Director of International Investigations

The week of January 7, 2024 was a very strange, telling, and bewildering week in Ufology. 

On the 12th, there was a closed-door Congressional hearing with Intelligence Inspector General Thomas Monheim with members of The House Oversight & Advisory Committee. Members exiting the 90-minute hearing seemed to be underwhelmed and felt they we no closer to the Pentagon’s secrecy veil being lifted than before concerning what UAP may be and why they are here.

Intelligence Inspector General Thomas Monheim

Tennessee Republican Representative Tim Burchett, long critical of the Pentagon’s obfuscation of the UAP issue, gave the hearing a bland four out of 10 stars. Concerning the sensational hearsay testimony earlier this summer of former intelligence community whistleblower David Grusch, Illinois Democrat Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi stated, “Let’s just say that all of us were very interested in the substance of his claims, and unfortunately, I didn’t get the answers that I was hoping for.”

So, what gives?

This continuing lack of information is not only frustrating to Congress but also to a large swath of the UFO community and interested Americans. That’s a lot of people. Why the concrete wall to the truth? The consensus on the UFO Street is that if Disclosure is inevitable, it is certainly being intentionally thwarted and severely slowed by factions within the Department of Defense. Many diverse explanations have been posited about this and none of them are hopeful. 

Speaking of David Grusch, a report about him surfaced in several news outlets also on the 11th, right before the Congressional Hearings. Coordinated? Coincidence? Those reports state that he was recently guest of honor at a New York Penthouse party hosted by cryptocurrency guru John D’Agostino and a prominent lawyer named John J. Altorelli. The interesting cast of characters at this shindig of 60 attendees included CIA and FBI according to “The Metro Report.” No media was made publicly available; however, some unnamed attendee caught a screenshot of Grusch’s PowerPoint. While the majority of the screen is blocked, the PowerPoint seems to show that Grusch is CO-FOUNDER of something. Again, big money swapping hands here! 

The Leaked Penthouse Grusch Video Still (Co-Founder of what?)

Grusch, who this summer spoke of second-hand knowledge of the U.S. Government possessing off-world UAP crash debris and “nonhuman biologics ((Aliens???)), this time gave the guests a tale about the U.S. possessing a 40 foot in diameter craft that inside is the size of a football field. This is called “dimensional transcendentalism” where the interior of a craft is in another dimension as opposed to the exterior and thus larger.   The concept of larger on the inside than outside first made headlines back in the November 5, 1975 abduction of logger Travis Walton. MUFON possesses multiple accounts of this phenomenon all the way back until 1952. In this respect, Grusch has his finger on the pulse of a certain type of UFO activity, for sure.  To what extent then is he real, or otherwise, an agent of disinformation? Would his intelligence handlers ever allow him to go this rogue without silencing him? Once intelligence, you are intelligence for life. 

More bizarre was Grusch’s claim at the party (as if it were not weird enough already), is that the craft was a TARDIS – a ‘Time and Relative Dimension in Space’ craft. TARDIS was a term coined on the long running British Sci-Fi TV show Dr. Who. Additionally, the craft supposedly had enough energy to power 70,000 homes for a year according to Grusch. 

First, we have Doctor Who references and now we are starting to sound like the plot of “Sphere,” a 1987 novel written by Michael Crichton, where present day American scientists find an alien craft at the bottom of the ocean containing an American spacecraft built 300 years from now.  We get the impression, so far, that Mr. Grusch and other whistleblowers are taking their testimonies right out of television shows. But note, the read between the lines here is not Aliens but either a defense money grabbing psyop or time travelers or Interdimensionals. We are down to three. Aliens are going away fast! So let us go down the time travel rabbit hole. Off world crash debris, as Intelligence Agent Grusch alleges, could be from perhaps 50, 100 or 300 years from now. America or other countries could be building craft on the Moon or Mars at that point. That would constitute “off-world” but not aliens. In that event, “non-human biologics” might not be dead alien bodies but simply be an astronaut’s broccoli and cheese in a pouch that was recovered. Under oath then, Grusch did not lie to Congress but he may be skewing the facts a lot! 

However, Grusch mentions pilots suggesting aliens. Again, let us look towards Earth. If humans do colonize the Moon or Mars in the next centuries, gravity, within a few generations, would create a new species of humans much taller due to less gravitational restraints. This would constitute a very unique new species to be precise. One that, unfortunately, would be haunted by medical issues like heart and lung ailments on an alien atmosphere due to gravity and their new height not expediently allowing the proper flow of blood due to accelerated evolution by force. However, this new society could easily be considered alien compared to us landlubbers here on Earth. Could discrimination and alienation be far behind when they visit Earth?  

Are we starting to figure out Grusch’s game? Is it aliens or is it “us” with a twist or are both possibilities correct? 

Or…. is it one big disinformation psyop and the real prize is big research money from the government to the tech billionaires for black budget programs based on a lie rather than based on the solid research of the time and space. Werner von Braun in the 1970s before he died suggested this is all about the weaponization of space. If it’s not about aliens at all, who do we believe in the end? 

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